Why is a TV series called The Last of Us still not being made?

The Last Of Us: Part Two is scheduled to debut on the PlayStation 4 on July 22. 

It’s the second game in the series that the Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has announced for release.

The original game was released in 2008 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox 360 Classic, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 1, PlayStation N, PlayStation One, PlayStation TV, PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Now, PlayStation VR, PlayStation, PlayStation Move, PlayStation Mobile, PlayStation and PlayStation Network.

In the first installment of the trilogy, players take on the role of Joel and Ellie as they travel through an unnamed, post-apocalyptic town on the outskirts of New York City. 

In the game, players can roam around a city, pick up items and solve puzzles while playing as Ellie, a young girl who was abandoned by her family after she was orphaned.

The game was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, who is behind the critically-acclaimed game Elder Scrolls Online. 

The Last of The Last Human is set to launch exclusively on PlayStation 4. 

As part of the announcement, the studio also confirmed that it is partnering with Sony on a game adaptation of the film The Last Day of the Old Republic, which is set in the same universe. 

 In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Obsidian revealed that it will be adapting the film for the PlayStation VR. 

“In The Last Days of the Republic, the player will be the hero and the last survivor of an all-out war against a mysterious enemy,” it stated.

“The game will be entirely in-engine and playable in VR, where you can play it on a headset and experience the game in VR.

It will be in the game’s development and it will debut on PlayStation VR.”

Obsidian also teased a brand new adventure from the developer for the VR-exclusive title.

“The Last Days will explore the depths of the world and the horrors of war, while also taking place in the fictional world of The Old Republic,” the developer said.

“It will be an entirely new, open world and a new type of game, but one that you can explore, and explore it you want to.”

The Last Of The Last Man and The Last War also appear on the list of upcoming PS VR games that Sony has released so far. 

Additionally, a teaser trailer for The Last Night of the Living Dead: A New Beginning is on the way for PS VR.

The Last Night Of the Living Deceased: A Last Night to Remember is also set to be released exclusively on PS VR on July 23. 

Finally, PlayStation Plus subscribers who preorder The Last Outpost, a VR game, will receive a digital copy of the game as part of a limited-time offer.

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