FCC chairman defends net neutrality rules

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says his agency is “absolutely committed” to protecting net neutrality.

The chairman said in an interview on CBS This Morning that he has “no problem” with internet providers using their control of the internet to push back against the FCC’s net neutrality protections.

Pai said he “can’t imagine” the FCC would go through with its plans to repeal the 2015 regulations.

Pai said the FCC has been “trying to make sure that the Internet has a level playing field” but the regulations are “not working well.”

Pai also said the Federal Trade Commission has been investigating net neutrality issues.

Pai called for the FTC to “conduct a full review” of the issue.

He said he believes the FTC “will be able to provide an honest report.”

The FTC is investigating claims that Comcast and Verizon are unfairly blocking and throttling traffic to and from users.

Pai, a former Verizon Communications CEO, said he has asked the FTC and Department of Justice to look into Comcast and AT&T’s net-neutrality practices.

The FCC’s 2015 rules were intended to prevent ISPs from blocking and slowing online content and services.

Pai, who is chairman of the commission, has defended them in public.

The Federal Communications Commission’s net policy rules were finalized last year and were the first of their kind to prevent broadband providers from slowing or blocking content or applications.

They also prohibited internet providers from favoring certain websites over others, which they said would help consumers.

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