How a new TV series is being created and broadcast in India

India’s new TV network KS Network has launched its first series of its new series, a new drama set in an Indian city that’s struggling to recover from a major earthquake.

The series, The Rise of the City, is being made by the New Delhi-based company in partnership with Mumbai-based firm, Rizvi Media, which produces scripted TV series, such as Bollywood blockbusters and crime dramas.

KS, which will launch in March, will have a 30-day production window.

“We have been thinking about how to bring a new and innovative idea to India for a long time,” said KS co-founder Manoj Sharma, who has been the head of the company since its founding in 2010.

“What is it about this city?

It’s an incredibly unique city.

We have to do something with that city to make it look like an entertainment venue.”

The series is set in Mumbai in the aftermath of a massive earthquake that took place in May 2016.

The city’s recovery from the disaster was hampered by the city’s dilapidated infrastructure, which left residents homeless.

Sharma said the series will be about “an Indian city who has become a place of entertainment, of cultural exchange, of social capital.”

The Rise is being produced by Mumbai-headquartered New York-based TV production company, Studio 8, which produced The Rise, the TV series starring Sacha Baron Cohen.

The Rise was filmed on location in Mumbai and the city is currently being restored after the 2015 earthquake, with the first phases of reconstruction scheduled to begin in 2020.

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