New deal with CBC to create new shows and movies from 2018 to 2019

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) will be in full-blown production mode for the next two seasons, with its programming coming to the internet and digital platforms, the company announced Thursday.

A new partnership with the CBC to develop original programming will begin in the fall, the first of several new deals CBC is working with to ensure its future.CBC will create new programs, and the network will develop and publish the content in collaboration with CBC.

The new deal will also include the CBC Television Centre, the CBC’s headquarters in Ottawa, the broadcaster said in a release.CBC also announced the creation of an online platform for its TV shows, a first for a Canadian broadcaster.

The CBC’s existing programming will be brought online, and will be accessible through a new digital platform.

CBC’s digital platform, launched in the summer, will include all of CBC’s current and forthcoming original series, documentaries, feature films and live events.CBC is also making an initial investment of $50 million in its new digital platforms.

These investments will be matched by further investments by the CBC, which will become a partner in all future programming that CBC will produce and publish.

The new digital channels will be available on the CBCs website, mobile apps and social media platforms, as well as in the CBC News app, on the radio network, in the web app, and in the popular video platform on Apple TV.

The channels will also be available through the CBC Video app and on Apple Watch, Android Wear and Windows PCs.

The deals include a new partnership to create original content.

The CBC is the first Canadian broadcaster to create its own content on its own platform, which is a significant step for the broadcaster.

In the past, the BBC and the CBC have collaborated with one another, but this marks a new era in television and digital collaboration.

“As the country continues to evolve and evolve, we see more and more Canadians increasingly accessing CBC news and information through online platforms and mobile devices, and we are committed to ensuring that they continue to benefit from the expertise of our journalists and news producers,” CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix said in the release.

“We are thrilled to work with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and look forward to expanding our relationship with them over the coming years.”

The CBC has long been a pioneer in creating original content for online platforms, such as the CBC iMedia and CBC iPlayer, and is now entering a new phase with the launch of a new platform on the web.

CBC Television will also continue to produce and deliver its own programming on the same platforms.

The Canadian Broadcasting Act prohibits the broadcasting of certain kinds of programming to the public.

CBC is required to abide by the same rules for its online platforms as for the TV channel.

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