Why did the BBC go to such lengths to keep its ‘news’ channel secret?

By Tim TaylorThe BBC has been accused of “stealing” the BBC’s “news” from the internet and keeping it secret from the public.

The broadcaster said the “unethical and illegal” practice of using the internet to provide its content to the public had been banned and it would not be tolerated.

The BBC said it was in the process of investigating claims made by the former head of its news team about a “fear campaign” launched against the organisation by the media, which had published “fake news” about it.

“We have already been made aware of a number of allegations of a ‘fear’ campaign that has been used to target and intimidate the BBC.”

These are allegations we are working with the BBC Trust to investigate and, if confirmed, we will take all appropriate action to protect the BBC and its workforce.

“A spokesperson for the BBC said: “The BBC’s News and Current Affairs Unit has a strict code of conduct, which ensures that the BBC is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations and is not involved in or supportive of activities which are inconsistent with the Code.

“Our News and Media Unit has strict procedures in place for ensuring that all news and current affairs content is properly vetted by the BBC Media Unit.”

The BBC Newsroom is not being run from inside the BBC, it is an independent organisation that is run by BBC Trust members.

“In a statement, the BBC added: “We are committed to delivering the highest standards of news and information, and we will continue to uphold that commitment.

“The BBC had previously denied claims that it was trying to “fade” the internet as a means of keeping its news and other information secret.

In June, the company revealed that it had lost £4m in the first half of this year and warned that its online content could be “being lost in the mists of time”.

The BBC is one of the biggest broadcasters in the world with a budget of £30 billion ($40.5bn) a year.

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