How to Make It Look Like Your Mother: How to Dress Like Your Auntie (and a Baby)

The trend of mom-and-pop stores offering baby-friendly clothing for babies has become a trend.

From baby-specific shirts to baby-appropriate hats, stores like BabyGear are filling in a niche of mothers who can’t afford pricey clothes for their babies.

But there’s also another mom- and-pop style that can help make baby outfits look just as chic as mom’s.

And we’re not talking about baby-themed outfits here.

For one, the styles are a little more tailored to the baby’s needs than the clothes you’d find at a boutique. 

The BabyGear style: The BabyGear Baby Shop in Seattle.

It’s designed to fit a baby’s body size and shape, and it comes with a variety of items for every style.

BabyGear baby clothing for a newborn baby: BabyGear says the BabyShop Baby Shop is a baby-focused boutique store with baby-sized items for the baby to love. 

BabyGear baby gear from BabyGear: There’s plenty of baby-related merchandise for newborn babies to wear at the Baby Shop, from baby shoes and cribs to baby supplies, to baby clothes and crib covers.

The BabyShop’s baby gear has a variety for each style, including cribs and car seats.

The store also offers baby-sizing baby accessories, such as ear plugs, crib pads, baby blankets and baby blankets, baby pillows, baby bedding, crib lighters and crib brushes, baby washcloths, crib mats, cribs, crib pillows and crib pads.

Baby gear for a preschooler BabyGear’s baby clothing is geared toward toddlers and preschoolers, so the items are also available for infants under one year of age.

Baby Gear baby gear for preschoolers: Baby Gear’s baby clothes are geared toward preschoolers and preschool teachers.

The items include cribs that can be used for play, a crib pad that can hold baby, baby towels and baby pillow holders, and baby crib cushions and bedding. 

It’s also important to note that BabyGear doesn’t sell baby food or cribs.

Instead, the store sells baby toys, like baby dolls, baby bouncers, baby swing sets, baby shoes, baby trampolines, baby swings, baby toys and baby bath toys.

BabyShop baby gear and baby supplies: BabyShop offers a wide variety of baby gear, from cribs for toddlers to crib pads and baby bedsheets for preschool children.

Baby Shop baby supplies for preschool students: Baby Shop sells baby supplies like cribs (for toddlers), baby beds, crib cushies, crib towels and crib mats. 

So what are the rules about mom-shop mom-size baby outfits?

Here are some tips for making baby clothes that look like mom’s, including some mom-friendly ways to get started:  Do a bit of research before you buy the stuff. 

You should check the store’s website to make sure the items they carry are appropriate for your baby’s age, your comfort level and whether the items come in sizes smaller than normal.

For instance, the BabyGear styles that BabyShop carries for newborns aren’t too big for a 5-year-old.

Baby equipment should be designed to be appropriate for the size of your baby. 

Don’t just jump straight to a baby bed or crib if you can afford it.

The best way to find mom-style baby items is to find out if they’re available at a store nearby.

If not, try your local baby-oriented store, which is often more likely to carry mom-approved baby gear. 

Consider making the purchase in person.

Baby-specific clothing is more affordable than mom-centric clothes.

You can buy mom-sized clothing online, at the store, or even from a mom’s closet. 

For example, the mom-priced BabyGear line includes baby sweaters, a baby blanket, a cute baby hat, baby socks and a baby purse. 

If you can’t find mom clothing, you can always try baby-approved online mom-inspired store Babysque.

Baby shop mom-only items are often available for purchase at BabyGear, but they’re still less expensive than baby clothes for toddlers and young preschoolers. 

Remember that moms often shop online and have baby shopping habits that are a bit different than baby shopping at Baby Shop. 

Be prepared to spend a little bit more than what you’d normally pay for baby clothing.

Baby clothes from Baby Gear and other mom-oriented stores can be a little pricey.

But BabyGear and BabyShop can be an inexpensive option.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the money for a lot of items. 

There are some mom clothing items that are cheaper than the ones you’d buy at BabyShop or BabyGear.

For example, BabyGear toddler bedding and crib cushion sets cost just $6.50, compared to $16 for the same items in Baby

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