When a doctor asks you to use your cell phone while driving

In the last year, the Federal Aviation Administration has asked airlines to take steps to prevent accidents that could have been avoided if drivers were using cell phones while driving.

The FAA says the new policy will give passengers greater flexibility when it comes to cell phone use in airplane cabins.

The policy, announced in October, gives airlines the ability to ask passengers to use their cell phones during takeoff, landing and on the ground if they need to, and will let them use them while flying.

It also requires passengers to activate their cell phone or other device if they are not able to use it during takeoff or landing, and to turn it off if it is too busy.

The FAA also says that if a passenger asks for their phone to be turned off, they should immediately ask their co-passenger if they have permission to use the phone.

If they do, the passenger can then ask for permission to turn their phone off, and they can ask for it to be recharged with the same device.

The carrier should also inform the passenger of the policy and the restrictions.

In some cases, passengers who are using cellphones while in the cockpit may not have permission.

In this case, the FAA says airlines should follow the rules for passengers and passengers’ personal devices and ask the passengers to turn off their cellphones.

However, the agency warns that if the passenger refuses to give up their phone or does not turn it on, it can be a violation of federal law and could lead to a ticket.

The rule applies to passengers who use their mobile phones while they are onboard, or those who are passengers or crew members, and passengers who operate or are in control of a flight, including pilots and flight attendants.

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