When the world’s biggest cats moved into a new city

As winter arrives and spring approaches, the first signs of cats’ arrival in a new place are popping up.

But they’re not the only ones.

The world’s largest cats moved in the new city of San Jose, California, on Saturday and are expected to make their way into the rest of the country by early next year.

The move is one of many that has taken place over the past two years as a growing number of cats are moving in to cities.

While they are often considered a nuisance by some, the animals are also part of the cat population.

Cats have been a staple of cities in Asia, Africa and Europe for centuries, but they have been increasingly encroaching on the native species.

While some cats have moved in as pets, others are now moving into the cities in order to make a living.

In New York City, for example, about 70,000 cats live in about 4,200 buildings.

But the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, has vowed to bring the animals under control.

As the city continues to work on ways to protect animals, some city officials are pushing to keep the animals in the city.

A new ordinance will require cats in public spaces to be locked up and off the streets by April of 2019.

The New York city mayor said that cats could pose a threat to children and the public health if left out of their natural habitat.

“The animals are the healthiest species on the planet,” said de Blasio.

“They have evolved to live in very specific areas and they have evolved in certain ways that they are highly adaptable.”

It will be up to the city to make sure that the cats in its parks and on its sidewalks stay in their natural habitats, and that their natural predators aren’t introduced into the city through breeding.

Other cities are also taking steps to protect cats.

San Francisco is considering a measure that would require a permit to keep a cat in the public sphere, which is an exemption for the city if it is used to breed.

But it’s unclear how many cats will be allowed in the parks and sidewalks.

Some other cities, such as San Jose and Seattle, have adopted the policy that allows cats in the streets and parks to live out their lives.

The Seattle city council is considering another measure that will prohibit the city from allowing a cat to live inside the city, but it has not yet been passed.

The city of Portland, Oregon, has also taken steps to stop the animals from moving into cities.

In February, the city of Eugene, Oregon passed an ordinance that allows for the confinement of cats, but that is not binding.

If the city does pass the ordinance, it will have to issue permits to keep cats on the streets.

Some cities are even considering a moratorium on cat ownership.

In Boston, the City Council passed a resolution to prohibit the ownership of felines, but the measure will not take effect until April 2019.

Many other cities have also been taking steps in the opposite direction.

In Detroit, the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Wildlife and Parks issued a moratorium in December of 2019 on the possession of any cat or other animals.

Other states are taking similar steps, including New York, which passed an Animal Welfare Act in February that prohibits the ownership, breeding, transport, transportation of, or handling of cats in New York State.

But there is still a long way to go.

Some of the cities that have already taken the step of banning cats from the streets are considering other measures.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, for instance, the Humane Society of the United States has called for a moratorium, saying that it is important that animals like cats be kept away from children and other vulnerable people.

In Los Angeles, the mayor’s office is proposing that the city adopt a policy prohibiting the sale of any pet, except for certain breeds, by the beginning of 2019, but many of the city council members are pushing for a ban.

In many of these cities, residents are still in the dark about whether they can take action against the cats.

Many of the cats that were released into the wild in the U.S. are being released back into the streets, but there are still no restrictions on the number of animals that may be released.

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