How Samonline and Sams servers crashed in the middle of the night

Sams and Circle Networks, the companies that host servers for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, were knocked offline at the same time this morning, causing Sams to announce that it was “unable to continue hosting services.”

This means that users who have an account on Circle Networks should “stay offline.”

Sams spokesperson David Seaman told Polygon, “The Sams platform is currently experiencing intermittent issues, which may be due to network outages.

The platform is responding to this issue and we are actively working to resolve it as quickly as possible.”

Sam’s also asked users to “do not log into Circle Networks or any other services.”

The company says it will not be “closing servers to help address these issues.”

Sam has also made a series of tweets in the last hour to apologize for the outage, including one that reads, “Thanks for the outpouring of support, we truly appreciate it.

Sams is currently investigating this issue.

We are working to restore services to our customers as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.”

Sam also posted an update on the affected servers, explaining that they were temporarily unavailable to the community as a precaution.

Sam’s CEO, Matt Bostrom, says Sams has a “robust and experienced” team of developers who worked on the servers, and the company has been working to get them back online.

“We are working with Circle Networks to address this issue as quickly, and as effectively as possible, so we can continue to provide our customers with high quality gaming experiences,” Bostro said in a statement.

Sam has made a number of attempts to resolve the issues with Circle Network, including making it easier for customers to buy and resell their PS4 or Switch games, adding new features to the servers to make them more robust, and adding more servers in the future.

However, Sams only recently made the decision to stop using Circle Networks as a server hosting provider, and now its making a concerted effort to fix the issues that caused the downtime.

Sam started hosting its servers at the end of June, and it has continued to provide high-quality services to gamers around the world.

Sam is currently hosting the servers on Amazon Web Services, and Sam’s spokesperson told Polygons service is still available.

Sam also made the announcement that Circle Networks was “out of business” this morning.

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