Fierce U.S. telco Comcast to invest $30B in broadband and broadband-focused businesses to expand U.K. broadband coverage

Comcast is planning to spend about $30 billion to expand its U.L.C. broadband and fiber-optic network and add a network of its own to help customers connect to the U.N. and other U.$.

media outlets, the company said Tuesday.

The announcement comes as cable companies such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable have made significant investments in U. S. and global broadband infrastructure.

Comcast is one of the most prominent U. s. telecoms to invest in the U, which is experiencing a wave of technological innovation.

“Comcast is committed to investing in the next phase of our U. l.C., as well as in U l.L., to serve our customers across the U l,” Comcast said in a statement.

Comcast’s announcement comes amid heightened attention to U. ks broadband as the country faces a growing number of Internet service providers (ISPs) seeking to extend their reach.

Comcast also announced earlier this year that it would buy Time Warner’s U.T. video-streaming service, which it said would be acquired by Dish Network.

“The acquisition of Time Warner is an exciting and necessary move that we believe will create the fastest and most reliable video-on-demand service in the world,” Comcast chief executive Brian Roberts said in the statement.

In June, Comcast signed a $55.2 billion deal to acquire NBCUniversal.

Comcast was also looking to acquire rival NBCUniversal in a deal that valued the company at $50 billion.

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