Why is the US still using the FIle?

The UK’s Telegraph newspaper has written an article titled Why is Britain still using a GPS device on the road?

The article asks whether the UK should continue to use GPS, or if the use of a GPS based navigation system should be phased out.

The article is entitled The US GPS system is a nightmare for Britain, and why Britain shouldn’t use it in its own country article The article cites the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report that found GPS has an “unacceptable impact” on driver safety.

It adds that GPS systems are “not compatible with modern vehicle technologies.”

It further cites the NHTSA report that claims that GPS data can be “misused” and used to “improve vehicle performance.”

In fact, the NHTSA report says GPS data is “not necessarily helpful” in driving safety, but “is not inherently unsafe.”

The article continues, “The NHTTSA’s recommendation to stop using GPS in the United States is based on the fact that it is not compatible with many modern vehicle technology, including the Ford Fiesta, Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, Toyota Camry and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.”

It continues: “The US government is also working to develop new, safer technologies, including a ‘smart grid,’ and the US has the largest fleet of GPS units in the world, with more than 15 million vehicles.”

The report says that GPS technology can “generate inaccurate or misleading data.”

It concludes that, “In the United Kingdom, the National Grid, which has over 100,000 GPS units, can be trusted to operate safely and reliably.”

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