How to use the FLEX app on iOS to track your investments

FLEx app, a free financial app for iOS, has been launched on the Apple App Store. 

FLEx is the latest addition to the growing number of apps that let you track your investing habits, with a focus on the financial sector. 

For those looking for a little more in-depth advice, FLExtras offers advice for all sorts of financial subjects.

It’s available for both iPhone and iPad, but the app also offers an Android version, as well as an Android app for iPhone and Android devices.

The FLExe app lets you log your financial activity for free, but does require a credit card or other payment method.

FLExtra is available to both Apple and Android users.FLEX allows you to log your investment and trading accounts and to track the funds in your account, as shown on the app’s main screen.

The app offers a range of investment options, from traditional brokerage services to a variety of fund managers, with the most advanced option being the Flemish ETF (Flemish Exchange). 

The Flemishes fund, for example, has a minimum investment of 1.3 million euros ($1.6 million) for a fund management fee of 0.15%. 

You can also use FLExy to view how your funds are performing in relation to the market.

Flemishes is one of the few ETFs to not have a market-cap limit, meaning you can choose to invest directly into it, as opposed to buying into an ETF or index. 

You also have the option to track fund performance over time.

Flesxtra also offers a wide range of investing strategies, including the S&P 500 Index (SPX) and the Standard & Poorly Determined (S&amp = S&P 500) Index (SDPI), and has options for investing in a number of asset classes. 

There are also fund classes including the U.S. Treasury (USDT), Australian Government (AUSG) and U.K. Government (UKGB). 

Flesxy is a free app, but a paid version costs €9.99. 

I have tested Flesxy on several iPhone devices, and have found it to be a good investment app. 

In addition to FLExx, Flesxtras also offers other investment apps, including an iPhone version of Flesx.

I have used Flesxx and Flesxflex on iOS devices before, and am impressed by the ease of using both apps, although I have found Flesxi is more of a one-click investment app that is far more difficult to navigate than Flesxxx. 

A comparison of the Flesxe app on iPhone and a desktop computer, using the FLESX app installed on a Windows 8 laptop. 

It’s worth noting that Flesxcx has been available on Macs for a while now, and has a Mac app, Flusx, as an alternative to FlesX. 

However, I have yet to test Flesxdox, which is available on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 machines. 

If you’re looking for another free investment app, check out this free guide to investing with FLExcx.

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