Why are you watching Netflix so much?

The number of people who watch streaming video services like Netflix and Hulu are on the rise, with the company adding 4 million new users to its online video service in the fourth quarter.

But the number of Americans who stream online video also continues to grow, according to Nielsen, as the number and quality of streaming services grow, as well as the demographics of their users.

The online video services are among the most popular video offerings in the U.S., but the company isn’t making it easy to find those that suit your needs.

The Pew Research Center, which tracks the popularity of streaming video, found that the majority of Americans, 58%, say they watch online video more than once a month, and 59% say they stream videos more than three times a week.

That compares to a 46% rate for watching TV.

The Pew Research study, conducted in late 2016 and early 2017, found an uptick in online video viewing from the fall of 2016 to the spring of 2017, when Nielsen began tracking online video.

The data showed an average increase of 8% in total viewers of online video between those months.

The increase, though, didn’t show any statistically significant impact on the percentage of U.K. viewers watching online video at the same time.

While the Pew research doesn’t provide a figure for the percentage who watch online videos more often than once per month, other online video sites like YouTube and Twitch have reported that their online video audiences have grown in recent months.

YouTube’s most recent month-to-month increase in viewers, for instance, was 10% in April and June, compared to 2% in May.

Twitch, meanwhile, reported a 1.2% increase in its online audience during the same period.

Other online video platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube, also are seeing growth in the number, quality and number of viewers, according, to Nielsen.

YouTube also reported a 2.5% increase last quarter, according a post on the company’s website.

In a statement, Nielsen said that “over the past two years, video viewing in the United States has continued to grow.”

The number and variety of viewing options has increased significantly, Nielsen added, “and video viewing has become increasingly mobile, connected, and available to consumers and advertisers.

Consumers are increasingly viewing video as an integral part of their digital lives and as a way to enhance their online experience.”

For example, online video users have access to more than 200 video sites, including Facebook, Hulu and Netflix, and over 1,300 apps, including YouTube, Vine and Twitch, according Nielsen.

These apps also offer access to video-streaming tools like Google Play Movies and TV, according the report.

The company also said that the number-one source of video viewing for adults was television, with more than 30% of that video viewing happening online.

“The trend in online viewing of video is continuing to grow,” Nielsen wrote.

“And consumers are now using more and more of their time online, and we are seeing increased interest from advertisers and creators in creating content that appeals to the broader audience of consumers.”Read more:

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