Anims to announce new partnership with design studio DesignAmeritra

Anims will create a portfolio of high-quality, high-end design products for customers through DesignAmmiris, it has been announced.

Key features of the portfolio include an app for iOS and Android, a bespoke collection of accessories and the upcoming Anims Connect app for the iPad.

It will also be the first Anims product to hit the market in a bid to attract a larger number of customers to its online store, with a focus on online sales, design and media production.

Anims portfolio of products will be a focus of the brand’s new digital platform AnimsConnect, which will feature new content and curated content.

In the first quarter of this year, the Anims brand generated €2.2 million in sales.

It is the fourth highest-earning brand in the country behind the Irish and British brands and the highest in Ireland.

Animus is a new online company which aims to increase the value of the company and the brands it serves by offering consumers products that are unique, affordable and accessible, in a manner that appeals to the widest range of consumers.

“Anims is a leader in digital design, the type of product that attracts customers to our stores and online channels,” said Anims managing director of sales and marketing Chris Fagan.

“We are excited to launch Anims today, in line with our commitment to providing our customers with an incredible portfolio of digital products at great value.

We look forward to working with Anims and the design community to deliver a fantastic online experience for our customers.”

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