What to do when your phone gets the wrong signal

Movie theaters have been known to be notoriously fickle places.

That’s why a number of theaters have opted to put out movie-related alerts on their screens.

Now, a group of cinemas is pushing back against the idea that smartphones and smartphones are the culprits behind the problems plaguing movie theaters.

The New York Times reports that New York City’s iconic Cinemark, a joint venture between AMC Entertainment and Disney, has implemented a special alert system to notify patrons when their phones are getting too hot and is rolling out it to theaters across the city.

The system is set to roll out nationwide next month, according to the Times.

The system is called the ‘Cool Screen’ and is meant to make the experience of sitting at the theater a bit more pleasant.

Cinemark says it was the result of “years of testing and experimentation” and was a result of the company’s “continued commitment to customer experience.”

Cinemark adds that it “has also taken additional steps to improve customer experience” with the new alert system.

Cinemark is one of a number that are working to make their cinemas more appealing to patrons.

In February, the Walt Disney Company rolled out a new, more interactive movie experience for customers.

And earlier this month, Universal Studios announced that it was introducing a new ‘movie app’ that will give customers a more personalized experience while they are in the theater.

But it remains to be seen whether these changes will work at the cinema level.

While we can’t say definitively whether the alerts will solve the problem, we can say that it’s certainly worth looking into, especially if you’re a smartphone user who is often frustrated by the heat that’s building up on your phone.

And if you have a smartphone, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the cool screen.

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